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My Precioussss

This is my t-shirt design for threadless.com

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Just an idea

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Last years digital class work

The assignments came from the Illustration Friday website. They pick a single word and you have to come up with your own image and interpretation of the word.

"Instinct" No specific technique."Flawed" This was a technique similar to an oil lift out."Time" No specific technique.
"Intricate". No specific technique here.
"Pale" this was a scratch technique similar to what can be found from rubber stamps.

For the final project we were to design and portray 4 unique bugs of our own doing. I gave them all the required six legs and three body segments, they are also other additions on each one. I named them with a made up latin root that does have reference to how they are or what they do.

This is "Tre-pag-d'-nez" This is a simple fruit scavanger bug. Here you can see his size as he is about to pick up a dried fig off the ground.

"Poogrolshniz" This bug is of the very sentient sort. They have developed a modern civalization with all of its ammeneties including war. They roll up into a ball and their legs go in circles to push them around. Then they uncurl and do what they need.

"Mentagorsh-Bolsi" This bug is a fruit bug. He eats fruit and turns the sugars into methane, which fills the sacks. The sacks being lighter than air keep the bug afloat. For motional assistance he uses the wind or expells little "farts" from the gas stores.

"Elehephastus-Gigarti" this bug is actually animal sized. In the place where he would exist humans use him as a taxi service. He is so tall that they can have the carrying basket under the insects body.