Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What is important?

   So here I have been sitting wondering just what is important.  I really want to know.  For awhile now I have not really considered many things to be important.  This sort of arose from my heart surgery a few years ago.  You go through something like that, where you are forced to come face to face with  your own mortality and you don't exactly walk away from that unscathed.  I at least was not able to accomplish such a feat.  I sort of gained the view that there is so little in this life that truly does matter.  I mean at the end of the day when you are escorted across the River Styx by Death himself what will you be taking with yourself?  Your fancy car?  Your extravagant house?  Your bank account with all its gold?  What about your trophies, or your hobbies?  What do you think will be the things he lets you take with you?  I guarantee  you that it won't be anything tangible.  Only the immaterial will you be able to take across that river.  Thus I reasoned, if I die and can take none of this here with me, why then am I wasting my time accumulating all of this?  Why not spend my precious time on that which will have value to me on the other side.
   So from all of that I sort of started to not care about much because in the end I wouldn't get to take any of it with me.  So it was best if I just didn't get attached to anything.  Kinda sad don't you think.  Anyways  since I quit caring about pretty much anything I also lost almost all passion for life.  I just was an empty husk of a human, living from one day to another, without really living at all.  But I have learned better now.  Passion and caring are important in this life.  Maybe I don't have to care about money that much, but it can certainly make my life a lot better and then in turn I can use it to make other peoples lives better.  And this is a very worthy goal that I can and should get invested in.  Is it not a worthy goal then to earn as much money as possible?  Not because I get to take it with me but because the effects of it I can take with me.  Every life I bless and curse is an experience I take with me.  Even though I may not know any of the people I effect, their effection is mine none-the-less.  If I can make another life that much more pleasant, that much more happy, or that much easier then all of my efforts will be enough and not in vain.

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