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   So my father was talking to me the other day. I told him how I felt alone and that no one was there for me. He responded that this life with regards to the gospel is a selfish one. There is only so much that the church leaders and members can do for you. The rest you are on your own to do. Now, while this in theory is true, we all know that theories are only true till disproven. Then the new prevailing theory will hold sway till the next advancement and so forth. I currently do not believe what he told me. I feel that there is a better way, a higher road to be taken. I am not saying I know the path to take, but for me I feel that in standing on his shoulders I have seen a little further. I was never arrogant enough to toss aside what my parents had to say to me, thinking I knew better. I have always considered important what everyone has to say. They all believe what they are saying for a reason and I should find out that reason. I do not have to believe their reasons but I owe it to them and myself and the future people with whom I will come in contact with to comprehend them. By understanding everyone I will be able to effectively see further than anyone and in turn be able to be more helpful to others.
   Now, yes our own individual salvation is a personal matter. But in reality it should not be. There is a reason the church has set up the varying programs that it has. Of classes and activities. We go to those to have fun but also to have the camaraderie and fellowship of one another. To listen to each others triumphs and celebrate in them but to also hear out our complaints and weep together in our failures. I may be stuck on utopian notions but really is there any reason why we are not living them?  Our home and visiting teachers are there for us, or are they? When we enter the waters of baptism we pledge to lift each others burdens and so on and so forth(Mosiah 18:8-9). But how often is someone really there for you when you need them? Rarely. We are always to caught up in our own lives to truly care about another human and the quality of their life and the varying ways in which we can effect it for the better. Zion is about one heart and one mind. Why were there no poor among them? Is it because they were all sharing each others monies? Or was it because the poor in spirit were cared for and nourished by the strong. Or because the they all knew they alone not one person can get back to heaven, not even the Lord himself. He needs us all to get back just as much as we need him. Do not reject that notion as heretical, think on it please. If he had not sacrificed himself and saved us all do you think that he would have been fit to be Lord and regain His rightful Heavenly Throne? Only in saving us and not coveting the flesh did He prove himself worthy to be our Lord and Savior. Zion is a communal effort. We rely on the Lord for his burden is light and easy to bear, and we also rely on each other. For therein we all lifting together each and everyones burden they all become lighter still. I do not struggle with alcohol yet you may, let me carry that burden for you. I can gladly carry that burden for another for decades without tiring. So why shouldn't I?
   Sure we struggle through times of weak faith, or pride inducing wealth, and periods of turmoil.  But if everyone truly cared about another then those issues would evaporate as the morning frost before the mighty sun.  They are all of little consequence and like the frost can not stand but a few seconds in the light of a day full of hours.  The frost never toppled a nation and you are mightier than a nation.   Do not believe me, look to the books. The annuls of time are riddled with the stories of men and women who forged, shaped, and even toppled nations and empires. Maybe our own story is not going to be entered into those books next to those tails. But if they can do it so can you. Yes I must stand on my own two feet but with others next to me I can do it, for I am not alone. The 5 wise virgins in truth could have helped the 5 foolish ones. In Zion there would be a way. Never look to defeat before consulting faith. We must but look for it, and then it will reveal itself to us. It may require a little bit more work. But really what is the worth of a soul? Is not a little bit of work worth it? There really is no reason for us to weather a storm alone. It does not make us stronger. It only teaches us that we are alone. If I walk on those waves of adversity with you am I lessening your growth? No, if anything I am increasing it, for you will through my assistance stand longer and walk further than you could have on your own. And then when I grow tired another would be there to help you keep going. Trials were not meant to passed alone, but communally. The strength and companionship that would arise from such trial sharing would be beyond the dreams of most mortal people. Do not be scared of such things. We will not be asked to carry someone all the time or everyday for a few minutes. The burden will truly be light, we just have to believe it and then act. Or journey to Heaven need to be a solo adventure. It does not need to be confined to just the blood family. It can be so much more.
   Believe that there is a higher road to follow. And then seek after it. I know it is there. It will require more effort, I can assure of that. But I can also promise you that as we all seek the path less trod and rise higher our views will be greater. We will see sweeping vistas that take our breath away and cause us all to whisper in silenced reverence "Wow, this was worth it."

--- Jeff

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